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About us

Joint-stock company Tatchempharmpreparaty has been engaged for more than 70 years successfully on the maintenance of the inhabitants with ready-to-use remedies and surgical sutures.

The history of joint-stock company Tatchempharmpreparaty began from the firm, founded at the end of last century by Russian citizen, pharmacys Master Ferdinand Grakhe.

In the beginning the firm produces artificial mineral waters, quasses, lemonade, cider. As the years go by the assortment of the Grakhes firm was extended. It has begun to produce pharmaceutical preparations.

The catguts plant was constructed in 1930 in Kazan. The chemical-pharmaceutical factory was organized in 1931 on a basis of production organizations of Tatar branch of Drugstores management.

Today Joint-stock company Tatchempharmpreparaty is an society and has in its structure two modern plants: chemical-pharmaceutical and plant of surgical sutures.

Today the Company has powerful scientifically technical potential and production capacities, allowing to produce annually more than 111 ready-to-use remedies in form of tablets, liqueurs, ointments, syrups, solutions and pastes of 30 paharmaco-terapeutic groups: 

- Cardiovascular
- Antibiotics
- Anti-inflammatory
- Antiviral
- Antimicrobal
- Anthelminthics
- Antiglaucomatics
- Neuroleptics
- Tranqulizers
- Antineoplastics etc.

Here you can find our production list for medicines  and surgical sutures.

Joint-stock Company Tatchempharmpreparaty is the only manufacturer of catgut in Russia.

The Company exports its production to Belarus, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan.

The research laboratory works constantly above expansion of the assortment, elaborate new remedies and surgical sutures kinds. Continuing the cooperation with scientific constitutions and branches institutes in Kazan and other regions, for the period since 1993 for 2000 is mastered the production of 56 new remedies, including Unguentum Gliciphoni, Xymedonum, Mebicarum, Dimephosphonum etc. The company was awarded for the high quality of manufacturers products and constant expanded assortment with international prizes: Golden award for the best trade name, Golden arch of Europe, Diamond star of the international manufacturers association etc.

The great work will be carried out on improvement of the appearance and of packing quality of medicinal preparations. The modern imported printing equipment, allowed to produce high-quality packing, labels, advertising and other printed matter, is established in pressboard-printing department.

We are looking for the suppliers of API for the production of medicines.

The list of required raw materials:

1. Paracetamol
2. Acetylsalicylic acid
3. Analgin (Metamizole sodium)
4. Anesthesine (Benzocaine)
5. Laevomycetin (Chloramphenicol)
6. Mukaltinum
7. Nitroxoline
8.  Propranolol
9.  Furacillin (Nitrofural)
11.Beladonna extract
12.Calcium gluconate
13. Rimantadine
14. Piracetam
15. Glutamic acid
16. Ibuprofen
17. Tartaric acid
18. Phenazepam
19. Phenylsalicylate (salol)
 20.Menthol crystal and natural